Accounting area and economic advice

We offer the following list of services in the accounting area and economic advice:

  • • Billing and last payment by direct debit receipts for ordinary or extraordinary fees set community                                 
  • • Collection through box office receipts Owners qeu aodpten this payment system, as well as through the POS system via credit card, in person or via our website                                 
  • • Custody of funds that are in supoder, available to the homeowners. .                                 
  • • Control, friendly and claim management collection of outstanding receipts for any item                                 
  • • Keeping of the accounting day of the Community by opening it according to the normal rules about                                 
  • • Cost control and elavoración annual budget                                 
  • • Periodic Financial Information regarding the accumulated during this period and also will have access to all information via our Web Shipping.                                 
  • • Execution of resolutions adopted by the Board                                 
  • • Advice to the Community's horizontal property as often as required                                 
  • • Legal advice and presentation for payment with ocbro opposing party to pay the costs