Secretarial area

We offer the following list of services in the field of secretariat:

  • • The preparation and sending invitations to meetings both ordinary and extraordinary.                                 
  • • Attendance at an ordinary and extraordinary meeting a year, and signing up as secretary the minutes of the meeting, later transcribing the book and sent a copy to all owners                                 
  • • Write and send a few circulars, letters, briefs, pleadings, subpoenas or written notifications are necessary to draft and Gentlemen remetir both owners and suppliers, government agencies, private entities, etc. .                                 
  • • Signing certificates debt situation for interposing judicial or test procedure that prceda purchase the debt claim.                                 
  • • Signature Certification Community agreement for the exercise of the injunction by annoying neighbor.                                 
  • • Holding and updating of computer data files both on paper and the owners that make up the Community recording changes both address for notifications as local changes in ownership of flats or                                 
  • • custodian of the minutes and retain for five years calls, notices, powers, and other relevant meetings documenteso.                                 
  • • To safeguard the guestbook (labor) of the Community                                 
  • • processor and custody under the Data Protection Act